Wellness Practices for Women's Health, Hormones and Healing Justice



Ihotu Jennifer Ali, MPH, LMT, CLC (she/her) is a licensed bodyworker, traditional postpartum doula, nutrition coach, public health consultant, poet and multidisciplinary artist in Minneapolis, MN.

Ihotu has worked with the U.S. Congress and United Nations on maternal health policy, taught global continuing education courses for midwives, and co-founded several collectives including the Uptown Village Cooperative in New York City, and the Minnesota Healing Justice Network. She owes gratitude to her many teachers across the USA, Africa and the Caribbean, and particularly to her grandfather in Nigeria, who was a local Chief and head of the Ichama Village Council of Elders.


Sit with me

Under the Mango Tree

Tania, LMT, New York City

“Ihotu is a kind and gentle healing presence, and my body trusted (her). The abdominal method she practices — which can work with emotional and physical unbalances — is necessary because the abdominal region is such a charged and ignored area in our society.”

You can only heal what you can see.

Lean into the light



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