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Ihotu Jennifer Ali, MPH, LMT, CLC (she/her) is an integrative medicine practitioner, doctoral student, doula and writer. Carrying mixed race Nigerian and Polish-Irish ancestry, Ihotu's work integrates chiropractic care, craniosacral and womb massage, birth and breastfeeding support, nutrition and herbalism, Black spirituality and Afrofuturism, sound healing and transformative justice.

Ihotu owes gratitude to teachers across the USA, Africa and the Caribbean, and particularly to her grandfather in Nigeria, Chief Ali of the Ichama Village and Council of Elders. 


She has experience in human rights research under the United Nations, national maternal and health policy, solidarity economics, and is a founding member of the Minnesota Healing Justice Network. A Minnesota native, Ihotu was raised by a single mother, and is a first generation college student and survivor of sexual violence and mental illness. She is also the author of "Seven Portal Sky" - a workbook for healing and justice after George Floyd - and writes and consults on culture, medicine, solidarity and liberation.


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Under the Mango Tree

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Tania, LMT, New York City

“Ihotu is a kind and gentle healing presence, and my body trusted (her). The abdominal method she practices — which can work with emotional and physical unbalances — is necessary because the abdominal region is such a charged and ignored area in our society.”


You can only heal what you can see.

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