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On gratitude

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

On gratitude & raising ourselves and our children/next generations in a Culture of Reciprocity. -Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass @braiding_sweetgrass

Reading about the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address this morning, giving thanks to the original Mother Earth and how joyfully she gives water and food, shade trees and comforting sunshine, how important her role, and how we must show gratitude. How important generosity is in our culture, to give to one another and trust that it will be returned to us. .

Sometimes, and I find especially in the United States, we have been hurt and isolated, and a spirit of bitterness grows. We start to say - We are generous people, but only when we have surplus or extra, only to people we like, or only when they give to us or prove themselves “worthy” first. I was raised by a poor single mom, angry at our lack, and felt this way for years. I saw no one would help us - how could we afford to be generous? Why should we? And yet this scarcity mindset did not make us any more abundant.

Daily acts of gratitude and kindness start to call in the energy of reciprocity, calling in the possibility that your generosity will not be abused. That your needs and asks will not be neglected. In relationship, we both hear and attend to one another. Even research has captured how gratitude journaling can improve people’s self-reported happiness. This morning, I’m calling in small steps toward reciprocity and abundance for all of us.

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