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Love Tea

4 Black Lives Lost in 20 Days. May of Mourning.

I am not ok. I need to turn inward. I need an offline project, to make bone broths, juices and teas, tend my garden (in all the ways), soak up sun and remember the abundance and fertility that is still inside this black body. Somewhere ❤️ —- I will be online from 10am to 2pm, and then either in my garden or my kitchen. If you need tea or broth, for yourself or for a friend, I will start making large batches in exchange for “air hugs” and donations. Bring your own mug or jar if possible. Many of you know that Ihotu means ”love”. So we’ll just call these love teas, because that’s what we all need to be drinking right now.

Please, try to not FB or text - Email me at with any menu requests (will depend on supply), and I will reply, when I can, on how soon I can get it ready for you.

Also - lots of people, dear friends of mine, strangers, ancestors have all made tea for healing and to soothe tired, overwhelmed bodies. This idea is not mine. If you also want to share your teas and juices and herbal baths etc, I’d love to collaborate. The point is just to spread the Minnesota love (tea). —- I also need help in 3 ways:

1. If anyone can support in coordinating orders, dropping off deliveries, or donating herbs/bones/jars/ingredients, thank you. See my list at the bottom or donate to Venmo or CashApp@IhotuAliwith the note “Love Tea.” 2. If I respond to your texts after 2pm, please lovingly scold me to get back to my garden. Be patient for me to get back to you tomorrow. I am trying to be patient with myself, too.

3. Please spread the word about this Black & Brown Diasporas in Minnesota-inspired menu (I will only be making ONE big batch of each type of tea or broth per day, based on what is most requested)

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