• Ihotu Ali

Liberation means we get to choose

Liberation means WE GET TO CHOOSE.

We fit the work into us, not us into the work. We integrate the donations and needs and offers into our day, not our day into the multitudes and hurricane of communication. Let things fall. Trust that centering your joy, your rest, your vision for this new future is worth it. Or ask yourself, why do you think you being your whole self is less important than answering that text?

Is this not the fight that Ancestor George started - of PEOPLE and LIFE over profit, image, politeness, perfectionism, structure, time, and capitalism?

This is a call in to my people of all colors and backgrounds, but particularly to my beloved BLACK people, my femmes, my healers and activists and caretakers to work smarter, not harder.

Liberation means we set the agenda, we set the tone, the work filters into our vision, and we lead with the grace of our ancestors, not the speed and pressures of a system that actually oppresses us ALL. We are taking down toxic physical spaces, now we need to take down toxic internal spaces. As much as you possibly can, choose love.

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